Friends and Neighbors ATV Club  PO Box 104  Palermo, ME  04354

Friends and Neighbors ATV Club
PO Box 163
Palermo, ME  04354

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   ABOUT US        

            We have over 32 miles of trail in Palermo and Liberty with a mixed level of difficulty and roughness.  Our main trail is from Peavey's General Store in Liberty to Tobey's Store in China, which connects to the China Four Seasons Club trail.  We are currently unable to ride completely through.  We are cut in two between the old Priest Farm in Liberty and the Banton Road in Palermo.  We are working to reconnect our trail - we have the permissions we need, now it is a matter of opening trail, making trail, and replanking bridges.  Contact Trailmaster Jay to see how you can help.  620-2506.

Friends and Neighbors is a family oriented ATV club that promotes safe, responsible riding; obedience of all state laws regarding ATV riding; and respect for and appreciation of our Landowners rights.

      Rules for all Friends & Neighbors ATV Rides

1.   ATVers should ride in single file to the right and only pass if necessary and in a safe manner.

2.   Headlights are to be on.

3.  There will be no alcohol consumption before or during the ride.   If on an overnight trip, alcohol may be used around campfire, but we are expected to act responsibly and respect the rights of others.

4.  Horseplay and wheelies will not be tolerated, except in designated area.

5.  A person under the age of 18 may not operate an ATV without protective headgear.

6.  Riders should keep a safe distance between each machine.

7.  Please try to use hand signals when possible.

8.  Always respect the trails and landowner's property.

9.  Wear proper clothing for riding.

10. When traveling in a group, make sure the riders behind you know which way to go at intersections.

11. A person 10 - 16 years of age may not operate an ATV unless that person has successfully completed a training course and is accompanied by an adult.

12. Carry out what you carry in.  Do not leave trash on trails.

13. Finally, use common sense...  When you ride on any trails you are representing the club and its reputation in the community.  

                                                            HAVE FUN!





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